Sunday, October 28, 2012

Make Your Meaning Clear

Editing Tip of the Week - 10/28/12

Nothing loses a reader's interest faster than confusing and unclear writing. It's an experience similar to the current reaction reported regarding the newly released film Cloud Atlas. Movie goers just aren't "getting" this ambitious and complicated film.

Lack of clarity can show up in both fiction and nonfiction books. For instance, I am often asked to do a final polish of a novel - a basic copyedit, which includes notes on clarity, consistency, and flow, as well as grammar, punctuation, etc. A recent novel I reviewed was beautifully written, but needed grounded. In parts of scenes, the words looked nice on the page, but what was actually happening was unclear. Also unclear sometimes was the location of a character within the scene, and who was talking.

In nonfiction, lack of clarity is often the result of writing at too high a level - where a professional might understand, but the average reader needs simplified explanations. Or some of the pieces of the background may be missing. In certain cases, word choice could be more precise.

A professional editor can be of tremendous help in assisting you in making your writing clearer. Email me at if you need help with this. Let me be your book whisperer.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Know Where You're Going

Editing Tip of the Week - 10/19/12

One of the biggest hurdles I've seen for authors is being faced with a disorganized manuscript -- one that is the result of a lack of planning. Let's take the self-help book, for example. It's a good idea to lay out the main topics and likely chapters very early in the book development process. This rough outline can be improved with further research. For instance, you can discover a developing area that would make a great new chapter. Or you may find that a certain chapter grows into two, while the next one is too short and should be integrated into another chapter.

Time is precious for us writers. With a plan, you'll be more efficient, and your book becomes a stronger contender in the marketplace. As a book coach and developmental editor, I can help you make sense of your topic and assist you in shaping your book. For more info on my book coaching services, call me at 310-838-7098 or email me at Let me be your book whisperer.

Happy writing!

Los Angeles

Celebrity Leverage: Insider Secrets to Star-Powered Publicity

Join us on Wednesday, November 14, 7 pm for this fun and informative teleseminar on how to incorporate celebrity in your book promotion.

Sponsored by the Publishers Association of Los Angeles

One of my editing clients, author JORDAN McAULEY, is an expert in all things celebrity. For this November seminar, I will be interviewing him to mine his secrets on working with the stars to generate greater visibility and sales for your books and other products.

Below is the program description. To sign up, pay via PayPal by November 12, 2012. The PayPal link is found at the bottom of the PALA website at

THE COST: $5.00 for PALA members; $10.00 for IWOSC members; $15.00 for nonmembers.

To pay by check, prepay by November 9, 2012. Send a check to PALA, 408 20th Street, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Be sure to include your e-mail address.


Teleseminar Description

with Jordan McAuley

As marketing guru Dan Kennedy has pointed out, celebrities dominate the media, across all demographics. Discover creative ways to hitch your wagon to a star for more powerful publicity, increased credibility, and greater exposure for your book.

How do you choose the right celebrity for your book?
How do you find their contact information?
What are the right ways to approach celebrities?
How do you handle the various options for incorporating celebrities in your PR campaigns?

Planned topics include:

- Book endorsements

- Gifting your book to a star or their personal assistant for word of mouth or to make the initial connection

- Getting in gift bags and gift suites

- Obtaining photos with the star at an event

- Hiring the star yourself for your event

- Getting your product placed on TV shows and in films

The discussion will also cover tips on becoming a celebrity yourself, as an author.

Learn how to maximize the power of the celebrity in your PR. Join us for this informative and valuable teleseminar.

is known as the "King of Celebrity Contacts." He is the author of the book "Celebrity Leverage," as well as the founder of one of the most respected publicity resources in the world, . Jordan has been quoted in "Entertainment Weekly," "Publisher's Weekly," "USA Today," and "Investor's Business Daily." He is featured in Timothy Ferris's "The 4-Hour Work Week," Dan Kennedy's "Marketing to the Affluent," Dan Poynter's "Publishing Encyclopedia" and John Kremer's "1001 Ways to Market Your Books." His other books include the best-selling annual directory "Celebrity Black Book" as well as "Secrets to Contacting Celebrities." www.ContactAny

has been in the book business for more than two decades. A book coach, book editor and ghostwriter, Robin specializes in self-help, health, inspirational, spirituality and the media. Previous clients include actress Julie Newmar ("The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth"), Dan Poynter ("Self-Publishing Manual"), Jordan McAuley ("Celebrity Leverage" and "Secrets to Contacting Celebrities"), and recent award-winners Ruth Frechman ("The Food Is My Friend Diet"--Best Nutrition/Indie Excellence Awards 2012) and Steve Nakamoto ("Wall Street Craps"--Best Finance/Investment/Wealth--Nonfiction/Global Ebook Awards 2012).


PALA will confirm your registration and give you the call-in telephone number when they receive your check or the notice from PayPal.

The organization encourages you to submit possible teleseminar questions by Nov. 9. Please send your questions to Sharon at